Will the Ruby 1502 Cigar Turn You On Too ?

At least once a week, I will meet an old friend to relax, sit back and enjoy each other's company. It's usually a lunch or late afternoon date at a local lounge, and it leaves me with a  fabulous feeling that stays with me ... long after the cigar smoke has dissipated. I love my smokey daytime interludes. A couple of weeks ago I met Ruby ...

When Gary Griffith of Emilio Cigars sent me the 1502 Ruby to try, little did I realize that this beautifully constructed cigar would become my new old friend. 

The moment I lit the 1502 Ruby I was treated to a mix of sweet grass & pepper that increased prominently as I continued to smoke. And just when I thought I was getting intimate with the early flavors, an undertone of citrus emerged -- tho I can't put my finger on whether it was a tart tangerine or grapefruit, but it made the cigar all the more interesting ... I gazed closer at my new friend. I love surprises and this was unexpected. 

Deep in conversation with my cigar, with pepper, citrus and grass still present I started to detect a slight sweet coffee in the background. And halfway through the earthiness,  a touch of coffee and cocoa emerged, building with a deep tobacco flavor that caught my attention.  

Even though I was relaxed, involved with my new cigar luvr, I could tell everyone at the Stogie Cigar Lounge in Rockville Center was staring at me and my Ruby. And I don't blame them. Ruby was attractive, sleek, gave off a beautiful scent that turned heads. Everyone wanted to have my Ruby, but I refused to share my new luv. I did however talk about Ruby--  shamelessly flaunting him to the guys in the lounge. 

I was getting into the final third of the Ruby when the flavors began to develop and become more earthy & peppery. A little spicy to my palate, but very delish to the last puff. Thank you Gary for introducing me to a new friend. I just know Ruby & I will be seeing each other again, real soon. 

Will 1502 Ruby cigar be your new cigar luvr ? It's pure enjoyment & fun finding out ... Let me know what you think of my new friend. 

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For more information about 1502 Cigars: or  go to to purchase and ask your local B & M to stock these beauties.

Wishing You Long Ashes ... 
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