The Luscious Senorial Maduro Is a Flavorful Fix

Funny how a cigar that I dubbed as a top cigar of LAST YEAR consistently stays on my mind and between my fingers this year also! Plus, now Senorial Maduro is available in more B&Ms so wherever I go I can have my Senorial fix.

After loving Senorial for a long time, I waited for the Maduro version. I knew it was going to be love at first scent when I met Senorial Maduro at a smoke-filled lounge on the Upper East Side. Looking luscious, sleek and dark, he had all the looks I enjoy, but it was the cold draw and first puffs that drew me in and held me tightly. Not just a cuddle, I felt seduced, enthralled, and comforted with Senorial Maduro in hand. As I held onto him and admired his appearance, I realized how much I didn't want this union to go away. He's ohhhh soooo good.

The LOOK is a sleek, chocolate color MADURO wrapper.

The COLD DRAW produces a mix of CEDAR and EARTH. It's got a SWEETNESS that you can taste on your lips.

For the FIRST THIRD there is a blast of PEPPER and CEDAR. Then a few puffs in you can easily detect CHOCOLATE and an EARTHINESS with a definite RAISIN sweetness.  Further in you can taste the CHOCOLATE caressing your palate as it moves to the forefront along with the balance of the EARTHY tones. PEPPER is still present and the balance is very good.

The SECOND THIRD brings CHOCOLATE as the main flavor in this profile for a few puffs with EARTH, CEDAR, SPICE, and a hint of sweetness in the background. This is my favorite part of the cigar. Every stick I've smoked is consistent, delicious and balanced. Towards the end of this third, it gets a little more EARTHY, but it's very manageable with all of the other flavors this cigar puts out.

The LAST THIRD eases in with EARTH, CEDAR and PEPPER as the prominent flavors. In the background you can taste CHOCOLATE and a sweet RAISIN. 

I usually look for Senorial Maduro in the afternoon. With a cup of coffee as this cigar is a complete dream. He's bold, reliable and I love the way he smells. Medium in strength, Senorial Maduro is perfect for that afternoon delight when you know you want a little something to carry you through the day. Make no mistake, this is not a quickie cigar -- you will want to savor this beauty -- and completely enjoy everything that Senorial Maduro offers you.  Where have you been all my life Senorial Maduro ... Mmmhmmmm, completely delectable ... and BOXWORTHY too.

Wishing you long ashes,

Robusto Cigar Babe