About Robusto Cigar Babe

For many years whenever my guy friends were smoking a stogie, someone would always pass it to me. I could never understand why they smoked cigars — until my trip to Key West. That trip changed everything, including my view & taste for cigars.

I remember I was drinking a cup of coffee and someone passed me an Oliva V cigar to try. I took the usual draw and was all ready to say “yuck” when I couldn’t believe how much flavor I could taste. 

I took another sip of my coffee, then another puff, moved my tongue around in my smoky mouth and tasted a toasty, nutty, toffee notes  of flavor. I turned to my companion and asked if he had an another one to spare. A couple of cigars later, with Cigar Aficionado & Cigar Snob magazines in hand, I was hooked.

Now I spend my free time at cigar tastings, meet ups, cigar parties, charity events and my own private soirees that gives me great opportunities to review and write about all the cigars, cocktails and like-minded people I meet along my journey.

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