Truly Entranced by Gaaja from Bombay Tobak

For a while Bombay Tobak owner Mel Shah was telling me of this cigar he was putting out that he believed I would love. While I patiently waited to try this gorgeous stick, I learned about all of the different types of tobacco used to create Gaaja.  This beauty was constructed in Costa Rica, with an Ecuadorian Hybrid Wrapper (Connecticut Desflorado & Mejorado 2004). The Filler is a combination of Dominican HVA Mejorado Ligero, Dominican Criollo 98 Viso, Ecuadorian Criollo 98 Viso, Peruvian Hybrid Habano, Paraguayan Hybrid Habano 2000 Viso. The Binder is Ecuadorian HVA Mejorado Seco.

I'm not sure, but this may be the first cigar I've tried with Paraguayan tobacco. Very exotic ! And just as Mel predicted, I was entranced by this lovely stick.

I've mentioned on this site how I love the bands designed by Mel's wife. It's like they are made with beauty and style in mind, like a decorative flying carpet. Gaaja's band has similar colors in the band as other mBombay Cigars, but with a swirly pattern that is attractive and very modern looking -- it's as if they deconstructed the larger band and designed this gem.

The LOOK and SIZE of Gaaja is a Toro Gordo with a wrapper that is light brown (Ecuadorian Hybrid) that has a few lines and almost invisible seams. It's a hardy looking cigar that fits fine in both a woman's or man's hand.

COLD DRAW is light tobacco with a sweetness and pepper.

FIRST THIRD has a WOODSY, PEPPER and FRUIT LIKE SWEETNESS  that stays within this entire third. The PEPPER tastes like a clean WHITE PEPPER on my palate, which varies in strength throughout this first third. There is an HERBAL quality that I can't quite decipher but it plays with the wood flavors. The SWEETNESS gently caresses the palate making this third enjoyable and a little on the lower end of MEDIUM.

The SECOND THIRD has more of the same flavors with the PEPPER and SWEETNESS being more dominant throughout this third (but not at all overpowering). The HERBAL seems to have turned more into a LICORICE flavor and the woodiness has taken a step into the background. The body has pushed up a bit to a full MEDIUM as this remains an easy and casual smoke.

In the FINAL THIRD a buttery component is present with TOBACCO flavor predominant in my mouth. The PEPPER is a little stronger now (in some of the cigars I've smoked) and not so much in some others, with the fruity SWEETNESS keeping the balance. The HERBAL tastes have receded and the WOODINESS is sitting in the distant background. As I'm nubbing this cigar, the PEPPER gets more intense for me. But, I enjoy very much how this cigar ends off with a spicy note.

Gaaja is a very satisfying cigar. The flavors are consistent and distinct. I enjoy the subtle flavors in the beginning and love how the cigar allows you to taste each component individually. It's a very good cigar to learn how to taste flavors as it teaches you to slow down and taste everything.

It's pure pleasure and I love to smoke this cigar when I have a lazy afternoon ... which seems to happen all the time. You gotta try this cigar !

Wishing You Long Ashes,

Robusto Cigar Babe