Relaxing Moments with a Cuddly Friend, New World Cigar by AJ Fernandez

You know those kind of friends, the ones that you instantly feel relaxed with the moment you all get together in a room? There is no competition, no showy attitude, just smooth relaxation, gentle laughter, and knowledge that you will have a purely good time.

That's the way I feel about New World by AJ Fernandez. The 3 cigars I smoked for this review were all (5.5 x 55) with a Nicaragua Oscuro Wrapper, Jalapa Binder and Condega, Ometepe, and Esteli Nicaragua Filler. Nicaraguan goodness here.

AJ Fernandez New World is so good looking. A box-pressed beauty with slightly wrinkly, dark and rich looking wrapper. The scent is amazing ... with a cold draw of raisins, cocoa and earth. As I settle myself on my porch, I notice the beautiful uniformity of every New World stick and this size fits perfectly in my hand and feels comfortable between my lips.

Each of the three cigars smoked, I used a different method of cutting: straight slice, v-cut and perforation device. I didn't find any difference between the draw in the beginning with all three, but later on, the perforated cigar needed to be redone half way through. As with all cigars I review, I was drinking filtered water.

As I light the cigar, a delicious aroma wafts out from the cigar, and immediately scents the entire area around me. The 1st Third cuddles me immediately with a deep tobacco taste, pepper, hay with cocoa drifting in the background. My body begins to warm up as New World caresses my mind while pure relaxation begins to flood my body. New World knows exactly how I like our interludes ... comfortable, a little spicy, warm with a touch of sweetness --- but not too sweet.

As I sink deeper into my seat, the 2nd Third delivers this creamy chocolate, with a touch of coffee bean, leather and a delicate hay in the background. My body begins to melt with New World. He releases the most DELISH flavors in this part of the smoking experience, that I don't want this time to end.  I hold onto him, admiring his dark wrapper and dreamily inhaling the perfume smoke drifting from the cigar. I don't want this part of our union to go away. Uhhhh so good.

New World Cigar with #RodneyThePug

Halfway through I detect a fading floral taste in 2 of the 3 cigars. It stays for  couple of puffs, but then dissipates just as quickly as I detected.

With satisfaction draped around me, the Final Third stays consistent with pronounced coffee bean, cocoa and sweet hay. This long smoke (about 1.20 hours) was like a big hug from an old friend who knows you well enough to sit close and be engaged. My love affair with New World holds my interest, smokes rich and balanced and gives me a thoroughly enjoyable experience that I'd be happy to enjoy over and over. The only draw-back for me, is I usually enjoy a cigar that is unpredictable with flavors that constantly change. So I categorize this stick as a consistent dream. Sometimes I want to reach for a reliable hunny.

When I know I want to relax with a good friend, even one with these kind of benefits that helps ease my mind, relax my neck, lean back and just let the day fall away from my shoulders ... it's New World that I want in my hand. Consistent and yummy.

Thank you Craig @Mad_Bricky for suggesting this stick to me. It's been love since first puff.

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Wishing you long ashes --

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