My Infatuation with Punch Rare Corojo

It happens sometimes. You know you are in a strange city with friends when you are introduced to something special and sometimes sparks just turn into fireworks. That's what happened when I was introduced to Punch Rare Corojo. I was minding my own business ... ok ok I WAS drinking bourbon ... but I had my head on straight. He was luscious, smelled great, was surprisingly not what I thought he'd be ... well, I just fell for him ... hard.


Punch has that way about him that catches my attention. He is BOX PRESSED with a reddish brown SUMATRA WRAPPER with a PUNGENT scent. I like that in a cigar. We met and shared each others company at the Texas Cigar Festival a couple of years ago, and ever since then, I can't keep my mind off of Punch RC. After just one time with him in Texas, I became obsessed with the idea of him ... the way he made me feel when smoking and the warm scent I still smelled long after our interlude. One moment to my lips and I was hooked.


Impeccable flavor of COCOA and EARTH come through in the cold draw. Yum and I want more.

Eager to light, The FIRST THIRD yields a mild SPICE with CEDAR and EARTHY goodness. As I continue to puff this cigar, a DARK CHOCOLATE emerges adding a harmonious dimension to this first part of the cigar smoking experience.

The SECOND THIRD has a similar profile to the first part, with similar flavors, SMOOTH deliciousness and luscious SLIGHT sweetness that hangs in the background. I'm completely in love halfway through when a COFFEE bean emerges. This is pure comfort and a whole lotta love right now.

The LAST THIRD brings me to the point of infatuation and on the edge of submission when a hint of NUTTINESS emerges along with a mild SPICE, a little bit of sweet chocolate. Another couple of puffs in and you can taste how the coffee mixes wonderfully with all the other flavors bringing balance, dimension, comfort, relaxation and a whole lotta goodness to your life.

The Punch Rare Corojo is hard to find where I live. I am constantly chasing him for these dynamic flavors. Whenever I find him, I take as much as I can to relive the smoking experience I can't get enough of.

Completely DELISH and BOXWORTHY. You won't be disappointed with this amazing stick.

Wishing You Long Ashes,

Robusto Cigar Babe



My Favorite Cigars of 2016

One of the perks of being on Twitter and various Facebook Cigar Groups, is getting an opportunity to learn about new cigars from people who have similar palates and tastes as I do. That's the thing about cigars -- everyone likes different tastes in them -- so when you are taking suggestions you have to figure out which reviewers, bloggers and cigar lovers like the same things that you do. So asking someone what's good isn't always the best thing to do -- unless you know you have flavor profiles in common.

So for instance, my #SundayCigarHerf cohosts seem to have similar tasting profiles. Except, @PistolCliff and @CigarChairman like gars with lots of red pepper. When they say a cigar is a killer on spice, I know it's not for me -- otherwise our palates are mostly in sync (Yet, we all seem to love @mBombayCigars and @The_DonFonesca  Salamanca Cigar Group -- which are vastly different in profiles ). Where as when  @Rlilly1018  or @HN_JAD tells me a cigar has graham cracker and cocoa (like the @CurivariCigars BV560) I'm all there. But @Xavier9281 and I have similar "go-to" cigars and flavor profiles, so when he says he loves the +1502Cigars Ruby (and I do too), I take his suggestions seriously when he says his new "go-to" cigar is the +1502Cigars XO !!

There are so many cigars that I loved smoking this year, 
 but I chose these as my top cigars because they either elevated my palate
or I consistently chose to smoke these luscious cigars in 2016

My Top 10 Cigars of 2016

10- Las Cumbres Tabaco "Freyja"

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9-  Salamanca Cigar Group Joseph NicaVana "NicaBella"

Read RCB's Review Here: NicaBella

8- Bombay Tobak "Gaaja" 

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7- Bombay Tobak  "Corojo Oscuro"  

6- Salamanca Cigar Group "Glandon Family Matthew"

5- Las Cumbres Tabaco "Senorial Maduro"

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4-  1502 Cigars "XO"

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3 - Casa Fernandez Agonorsa Leaf Maduro

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2 - Punch "Rare Corojo"

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1- Oliva V Melanio Maduro

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These are some other cigars I've enjoyed in 2016

Curivari BV Pralines

Emerald by 1502 Cigars

Ashton VSG

The Leaf by Oscar


1502 Cigars "Ruby"

American Kick Ass Cigars

Fuente Anejo

Casa Fernandez

Gurkha Ghost

LFD Cigars

Nat Sherman Sterling

Sawtelle Cigars

Ashton Symmetry

Camacho Cigars

House of Emilio AF1 and AF2



What cigars have you been smoking in 2016?