Go All Out With American Kick Ass Cigars & Give Some Respect

As I continue on my quest to find new cigar luvrs, I am noticing how much my tastes have changed from that very first stick back in Key West. What I thought was the ultimate in flavorful and decadent has changed and I find myself gravitating towards cigars that challenge my senses and deliver a little bit of love in different ways.

That is what I think about American Kick Ass (AKA) Cigars. I've tried the Nth Degree and loved it. The Hybrid is probably my favorite of the line (review to come) and during a recent #SundayCigarHerf, I found a whole lotta luv for Respect 2013 ... prolly because I just love a man in uniform.

The AKA Respect line is a tribute to all branches of our US Military and a percentage of the sales of the Respect cigar go to the Wounded Warrior Project. So when you think about what the US stands for and why we celebrate July 4th -- without bringing politics into this -- when you smoke a Respect cigar you are helping a wounded veteran.

So, while we are gearing up for celebrating my country, I took it upon myself to think of every luscious man in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines who gives his body, mind and soul to our nation. In fact, while I'm paying "respect" to my new cigar luvr, I'm enjoying the feel of the cigar against my lips and totally savoring our every moment together.

Respect started out with a blast of white pepper that seemed to be totally appropriate for this macho cigar. As the pepper subsided a bit, a rich, roasted coffee note emerged in the forefront and mixed in with some wood and earthy-like flavors.

Throughout the first half of the stick, the coffee remained in the forefront of my palate with the pepper distant but still detectable. Then the most delicious sweetness emerged and tasted a bit like cherries to me. That flavor stayed consistent until a scotch-like peat taste emerged and I think that's when I really started to fall in love with the complexities of Respect.

I do need to say that the ash held on for both of the cigars that I smoked for this review. I was way past midpoint when the ash fell and a delectable nut, pepper and sweet coffee flavor emerged and rode with me all the way to the last possible puff.

Burnt fingers all the way here ... ha ha ... I even finished the cigar in my corn cob pipe that my friend Cliff gave me. Politics aside I have developed a deep admiration for my military man ... my cigar that salutes the military and provides me with a lovely way to spend the afternoon with my macho smoke -- Respect .... This could be the BEST thing you bring with you to that BBQ this Summer!  Enjoy

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Wishing you long ashes -- The Robusto Cigar Babe

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