#SundayCigarHerf Information

Cigars have a way of pulling people from different economic backgrounds, ages, lifestyles, financial means and uniting them over the love of a really good smoke.  Since Twitter is a great place to meet like-minded people from around the world, it seemed like the perfect place to create #SundayCigarHerf.

Every other Sunday, cigar smokers get together at 3pmET on Twitter to smoke the same premium cigar, with each of us writing our own Puff-by-Puff review. The purpose of #SundayCigarHeref is to teach cigar smokers how to detect and taste cigar flavors. This is a gathering of cigar friends for a Puff by Puff Live Review of the cigar of the week. Every level of cigar smoker is encouraged to join. We have new smokers and seasoned smokers every herf -- there is no competition with the reviewers, only a mutual love of  cigars. **For the best personal experience, please do not read any reviews before joining #SundayCigarHerf. We want to see YOUR tasting notes, not a professional reviewer's notes. There is no right or wrong tasting note  -- everyone's palate is different.

What's great about learning to detect cigar tasting notes? We learn about each other's palates. We push each other to think harder to extract those flavors that help a cigar go from being just a good smoke to being a multi-dimensional flavorful cigar. Plus, in many cases, we get a chance to connect with cigar manufacturers and sales reps to find out more about the stick.

It all started when 6 Twitter cigar friends smoked the same Bodega Premium Blends Digestivo Cigar together one Friday night and we decided we wanted to Herf cigars together live on Twitter. This led to the creation of #SundayCigarHerf where we smoke flavorful sticks -- whether small batch, boutique, Cubans, legacy brands or new cigar companies -- our growing herf members enjoy trying new gars. And the best part is ... anyone is invited to join in. Just follow the hashtag #SundayCigarHerf on Twitter or connect with me @RobustoBabe for more information.


On a given Sunday at 3pm ET listed below, you can either follow the #SundayCigarHerf hashtag for prompts or connect with any of these core SCH bloggers: @Cigarchairman @HN_JAD @Pistolcliff  or me @Robustobabe

You will see prompting questions that lead us through the look, prelit smell, what you are drinking with your cigar, the first puff and then the smoking experience. Slow down and don't rush ... enjoy !

Here is what you will see and be prompted to respond to:

1. Welcome 2 #SundayCigarHerf smokin (NAME OF CIGAR)

2. What's everyone drinking with (NAME OF CIGAR)

3. To Start Off #SundayCigarHerf describe the look & pre-lit smell of (NAME OF CIGAR)

4. As you light (NAME OF CIGAR) tell your puff by puff review of this cigar

5. What are you tasting while smoking? Tell Twitter your puff by puff tasting notes for (NAME OF CIGAR)


If you are responding to someone, put your comments before their @HANDLE so that everyone can see your comment.

Every time you post a comment, put the #SundayCigarHerf hashtag in the tweet.

WHY:  because people can follow your cigar review just by following the hashtag. Many people like to read through the comments AFTER a herf

** UPCOMING HERFS: See #SundayCigarHerf Calendar Page

Attention Cigar Companies: Do you want your new cigar or pre-release included in a worldwide twitter herf? Contact us below.
Check back for future #SundayCigarHerf calendar picks or contact me @RobustoBabe  or my co-hosts @CigarChairman @HN_JAD @PistolCliff  on Twitter to suggest a stick.

Wishing You Long Ashes  .... Robusto Cigar Babe


  1. Please add the Bodega Aperitivo to the herf schedule for May,
    and the Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro when convenient.
    Thank you, your pal,

  2. Just a brilliant idea. Well done!