An Afternoon Seduction with the Mild-Mannered Mbombay Cigars - the Kesara Nikka Lancero

I usually go for that stick that catches my eye because of the sleek, dark lusciousness that stands out from the crowd. Those dark wrappers draw me in quickly ...

So I was really surprised when I first saw Mbombay Cigars and was attracted to the light supple wrapper on the Kesara Nikka Lancero. Beautifully decked out with a band admired by both men & women, it seemed like Mbombay designed it just for me. If ever a cigar band was designed with a woman & superb style in mind, the Mbombay cigars win hands down. The matte finish of the Light brown wrapper complimented the band perfectly and the cigar looked like jewelry that drew attention while I held Kesara in my hand. This cigar gave me what I was looking for ... an alternative to what I usually go for ... mild & flavorful in one stick.
The one cigar I smoked for this review was gifted by Bombay Tobak and featured an Ecuadorian Wrapper with Dominican Binder & Dominican and Peruvian Filler.


As I sat outside enjoying the welcome heat of the afternoon sun,  Kesara's matte light brown wrapper with a delicate pigtail cap felt light in my hand. A slight earthy scent can be detected from the wrapper. A delicate and striking, I settled into my porch chair with a glass of filtered water and continued to admire this striking beauty. As I put Kesara to my lips, the cold draw produced a light tobacco taste with some delicate spice.


As I lit  Kesara, an enticing aromatic cedar and cinnamon spice welcomes me as I savor the smoke in my mouth and sit enjoying the moment. The draw is a bit snug, the burn is fantastic with a mild profile and killer scent. Even in the light wind, the ash holds on thru the entire 1st Third.

While smoking Kesara into the 2nd Third, the profile moves from mild to medium with a delicate roasted nut that fades in and out with cedar flavors adding an unexpected but distinct flavor in my mouth. In the latter part of this Third the cinnamon transitions to cardamom, with notes of leather & cream. The draw opens up a bit more and as Kesara kisses my lips, a slight honey sweetness adds another level of enticement.
Is Kesara trying to seduce me ? I'm thoroughly intrigued.  As Kesara caresses my senses my mind begins to wander.  Have I found that light playfulness in a cigar luvr that I've been looking for ...

Even Rodney The Pug wants some Kesara Nikka !

The Final Third brings back the roasted nut flavors again with leather, orange peel with a mild spice. The Kesara cigar is a delicious smoke with a fantastic band designed to attract new smokers. As I'm enjoying the aromas and flavors in Kesara, I really don't want this experience to end.  While the Lancero size is not my go-to, I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar.  I'd love to find similar flavors in a larger ring gauge by Mbombay.


Overall I really enjoyed smoking the Kesara Nikka and look forward to another interlude in the near future. I heartily would recommend this to people who enjoy a milder but flavorful cigar perfect for morning & afternoon  delights.

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 Wishing you long ashes --

Robusto Cigar Babe