Spicy, Rugged and Smooth ... Just how I like my Nomad SA17

I adore @Godfadr Fred Rewey and his flavorful cigars. I heard so many yummy things about the SA17 on Twitter, that I knew I needed to try this delectable flavor bomb.

So for this review I smoked one in the comfort of my favorite cigar lounge and the second I reviewed on Twitter, during a session of #SundayCigarHerf. Best thing during that Herf was that Fred joined us so that we could ask him questions. So freakin cool ! Check out how #SundayCigarHerf works and join us one day.

The SA17 has lots of visible veins and it's rugged looking. I was drawn in by the rich San Andres wrapper and the Binder and Filler are all Nicaraguan, with both Esteli and Condega Ligero in the filler.

PRE LIT SCENT yields lots of BARNYARD on the WRAPPER with SPICE AND EARTH on the FOOT.

The COLD DRAW leaves a SPICE and tingle on my lips with a slight SWEETNESS.

FIRST THIRD is very SMOKEY and WOODSY. There is an EARTHY goodness present with a SPICE hitting the back of my throat.

SECOND THIRD I can taste CINNAMON and NUTMEG with a yummy Nuttiness like ALMONDS. The BODY is building in the cigar with the STRENGTH of the Nicotine giving me a little buzz. These flavors taste amazing together while being BALANCED with the SPICINESS of white and black PEPPER that is getting stronger with each puff.

LAST THIRD you can feel the smoothness of the cigar BODY in your mouth. It's luxurious with the NUTS, EARTH and PEPPER keeping the balance of flavors. The Nicotine bumps up again but it is manageable. I have to say that the middle of this cigar was my favorite when I smoked it for #SundayCigarHerf it but when I privately and slowly enjoyed the cigar, I could appreciate all the flavor nuances that helped balance out this smoke and make it very enjoyable.  This cigar is RICH !

I keep a steady rotation of Nomad's in my humi and love to try new cigars from Fred. Absolutely flavorful cigar with impeccable taste.  You have to try this cigar!

Wishing you long ashes ... 
Robusto Cigar Babe   @RobustoBabe