It Was Starry-Eyed Love At First Sight with Joseph NicaVana by Salamanca Cigar Group

There is no denying that JOSEPH NICAVANA had the look I really like. Double bands, sleek, seamless, unblemished WRAPPER with COCOA and BARNYARD smell. The FOOT was exactly what I love in a scent: RAISINS and COCOA !

I heard about him from a Twitter friend who said I NEEDED to try Joseph NicaVana by Salamanca Cigar Group. And, yes, as soon as I saw this cigar I knew I was going to like his look  ... but when I puffed on the stick ... yeah, I was in love !

The COLD DRAW had  CHOCOLATE and BROWN SUGAR which enticed me so much. I love the way the stick looks when I'm holding it and you can clearly see it is well-made/constructed.

The FIRST THIRD was a luscious 45 minute experience, with notes of COCOA, BLACK PEPPER and EARTH edging out wanting to be noticed first. These flavors were met with some LEATHER that stayed in the background for most of this third till it just edged at 40 minutes in where it started to become more prominent. I tried to keep the pace slow and relaxing with this third. Joseph NicaBella kept a razor burn line and the ash was what I'd expect from a well made cigar.

The SECOND THIRD came on with a little more body pushing it up from a medium to a medium plus. With the increased body came the consistent spice with COCOA, SPICE and LEATHER leading the flavor profile. Then a delicious TOAST and COFFEE entered my palate with the LEATHER and SPICE balancing well with the rest of the flavors. The Strength began to increase in the middle of the cigar, with this third lasting about 30 minutes.

The LAST THIRD increased in BODY and STRENGTH dramatically with COCOA, SPICE and WOOD being the prominent flavors. As I smoked on, an ESPRESSO with EARTH and CINNAMON joined the mix. The PEPPER that was more prominent earlier retreated, and these delectable flavors pushed forward. By the time I was NUBBING Joseph NicaBella, I was another 40 minutes into this third. This is a very consistently balanced cigar with flavors that I adore. For this review I smoked more than 2 cigars, bought more and continued to enjoy this amazing treat from Master Blender Alan Fonseca. As noted on Twitter, this is BOXWORTHY and deserves a space in your humidor.

As for Joseph NicaVana? This cigar has touched my soul. I feel like it was blended with my palate in mind. Super DELISH !

Wishing You Long Ashes,

Robusto Cigar Babe


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