Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro ... This May Be True Love

You may have read somewhere on this blog that I really like Oliva V cigars. I do.
In fact, it was the first cigar to turn my head. I enjoy every version they've put out --
from the Oliva V Series ... the  Melanio ... the Maduro ... and now
the Oliva V Series Melanio Maduro.

This could be true love ... the one I've been waiting for ;-)

Oliva V Cigars have a fantastic smell before lighting. You can tell it's a premium quality cigar by the construction, minimized veins on the wrapper, gorgeous smell pre-lit ... it pulls you in with a tobacco, nutty scent. When I get a box of these beauties, the first thing I want to do is open and inhale the robust intoxicating scent...

Before I think of lighting this stick, I pull out my brandy glass and pour a tasters amount of amaretto. I actually find that this cigar -- more than others -- really responds well to the taste of almonds. It also tastes amazing with coffee that has been brewed with hazelnuts or spice. These flavors don't overwhelm the palate, they enhance the cigar's own natural flavors. When pairing cigars with liquor, remember, it's very similar to wine. The more robust the wine, the richer/stronger flavored food it goes with. So, think the same with cigars. If you pair a strong liquor like bourbon or scotch with a cigar, make sure it can hold it's own. The flavor of the cigar will mellow because the liquor is strong. The cigar should pull out various flavors in the drink, and the liquor should compliment the overall notes of flavor in the stick. This is my favorite part of smoking ... detecting the flavor dimensions in the cigar.

Upon lighting the Melanio Maduro, you'll notice a pop of pepper that's not overwhelming or too strong, but you definitely taste it in the initial draw. But along with it come flavors of toffee, nutmeg, coffee, great tobacco and a delicious creamy smoke that settles nicely in the middle of your mouth. When you draw in, let the smoke sit there a little bit before blowing out. You will love the delicious creaminess of the smoke. So enticing !

This stick is smooth, consistent in it's flavors and holds a fabulous ash. It's the kind of cigar you never want to let go and I find myself wishing I had a pipe or holders so that I can smoke it down to nothing. When I smoke outside my house or at lounges people tell me that I have a look of pure satisfaction, relaxation and a little dreaminess (you know, that look you have after really fantastic sex). It's one of those cigars that you should buy boxes of and enjoy at least once a week.

This is the cigar I sneak away to enjoy by myself.  You might see me at a lounge near my home (like The Humidor in Bay Ridge) or even (Diamante's in Fort Greene). Sometimes I like to relax between business meetings while in Manhattan (Club Macanudo & Circa Tabac).  It really has become my secret lover. My go-to cigar when I just wanna have pure enjoyment and absolutely no guilt !

*Note: a portion of this review was originally published on Cigar Tipsters. I recommend you check out their other cigar reviews too:!olivia-series-v/c21q0
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Wishing you all long ashes --

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