Hello CAO Mx2 - So Glad We Had A Beautiful Interlude

Being a lady who enjoys exploring cigars affords me some really unexpected and fun relationships.

My tweeps @CigarChairman  @CJT_24  @HN_JAD  @LuluandLaz  @smoking_cubans  @petzilla @cigartipster give me an opportunity to read whatever everyone else is smoking, while sharing my own loves. It's great that we mostly have different cigar tastes and some of us have an amazing palate (Chairman !). But we delight in learning from each other and sharing this common hobby and lifestyle.  You should really get your own cigar tweeps -- they are a wacky fun crew to chat with.

With that said, I saw one of my cohorts smoking a CAO Mx2 on Twitter. His description seemed to fit my flavor profile, but as they say, to each HER own when it comes to cigar tastes. It's great to smoke a favorite stick, but nothing compares to that chance meeting when you least expect it something catches your eye ... it's all about the interlude you share with that stick. So, when I was browsing the shelves at Mom's Cigars in Scarsdale, NY, on the way to a Latin dinner at Mambo 64,  I noticed this dark beauty just sitting there.  Well, helloooo CAO. So nice to meet you.

This dark little lovely had a very complex favor profile. It features both a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper and Maduro binder, with fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Peru. The wrapper is a dark chocolate color with a silky oil gloss. But it was the intoxicating pre-lit scent that drew me in ... quickly ... making me want it all the more.

The first 1/3 of Cao exuded cocoa, dark espresso and what I would describe as a pecan flavor. A touch of sweetness with a great complexity that pulls you in and holds you there. Towards the middle the stick mellowed a bit and took on notes of hay and a sour flavor, which isn't my favorite, but I've learned to appreciate the way a smoke changes with each puff. Then, when I thought I was getting a handle on the flavor, it changed back to a dark chocolate flavor with coffee  -- getting stronger with every puff.

I would have smoked this down to the nub, but it got too hot for my lips to handle, so I was forced to let it go. However, I can tell you I would have taken this one home with me. It could become a cigar to keep in rotation, when I want to sit back, admire his beauty and let the delicious smoke caress my palate.  If I wasn't the type of girl who couldn't commit to one smoke, I might keep Cao around. But, for now, I'll consider this stick for my regular cigar fling. My afternoon booty call.

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Wishing you all long ashes --

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