Ezra Zion Tantrum Is A Power Pack of Flavors

After searching for this cigar for months, a twitter BOTL took pity on me & sent the Tantrum as a gift  - arriving just in time for New Year's Eve !

While I was very surprised by the size of the Tantrum ( a slightly thicker petit corona; 4.4 with 44 ring gauge ) -- this little baby was a power pack.  Made with aged Nicaraguan tobacco & a Cuban Seed Corojo wrapper, the Tantrum is nicely constructed, burns beautifully, holds an amazing ash & never needs  relighting.

Lately I've been enjoying the smell of cigars prior to lighting it. The Tantrum emits a lovely tobacco, pepper, spice and nut scent that romances your senses. After lighting the stick, I was blown away by the powerful tobacco and black pepper notes on the forefront of my palate, with an underlying earthiness that helps the flavors transition into the next few puffs. Then I was treated to a punch of oak and leather that overtook the profile through halfway, then all of the sudden everything changed.

My favorite part of the cigar is when the profile changed to medium-full and a small raisin sweetness emerged, with a slight but welcomed roasted almond flavor. These flavors stay down to the nub with that punch of black pepper returning during the last two inches of the stogie.

What I loved about the Tantrum was the way new flavors are introduced with every puff.  Just when I thought I had a handle on the peppery spice, other notes  emerged to tantalize my tastebuds while teasing my palate throughout the smoke. 

Downside -- it was a little too full bodied for me.

Upside -- it was a flavorful delight, not unlike a sexy kiss with a bold Latin love that left me wishing the smooching would never stop. Burnt fingers all the way here.

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Wishing you long ashes -- The Robusto Cigar Babe

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  1. Now, I can't wait to try! Cliff Wilson

  2. Thank you Stephen & Cliff for checking out the review. I owe it to my twitter friends who introduce me to some amazing sticks !