Rolling Around in the Barn with Norteno

Is it ridiculous to try a cigar JUST because you got turned on by the guy holding it? Yes, I have to admit, I have a little teeny tiny crush on Willy Herrera. I don't even recall if Willy was holding the Norteno cigar when I saw the ad in Cigar Aficionada magazine, but in my mind, one late Monday evening, he was speaking directly to me ... "come on Robusto Cigar Babe ... try my luscious Norteno cigar ... you know you want a taste ... "

So, I ran to 4 of my local B & M shops to buy Drew Estate's Norteno, but no one had it. I searched online and bought a few. Then added the cigar to the #SundayCigarHerf lineup and waited patiently for that Sunday to come. Yes, I snuck back into my humidor to look at Nortena seeing only Willy's face on the band. I marveled over the sleekness, matte chocolate color and smooth look to my new hunny. I even ignored my fellow SundayCigarHerfer's private comments to me saying, "Uhhh I don't think you are going to like Norteno" or "I don't think he's gonna be right for you."  I just knew me and Willy ... uh, I mean, Norteno were going to be fast and furious lovers.

Well, we started out just as I imagined. Norteno in hand. The look of tiny veins, powered cocoa finish. My hands sweating a little as I admired his band, drawn in by the national bird of Nicaragua.  The pre-lit scent was earthy like being in the fields after a storm with a strong pepper and lots of wood. In the background, just underneath the earth was a slight sweet aroma that drew my palate in briefly, like a gentle kiss to my senses.
Upon lighting, the first few puffs yield strong earth and a mixture of white and black pepper that tickles my nose, but makes sense from the pre lit scents. Each puff in the 1st Third yields stronger pepper, wood, earth and a touch of sweetness that I can only define as hay. On one hand, I'm fulfilling a fantasy of "rolling in the barn" with Willy, but on the other hand, it's not the kinda profile I usually enjoy from my cigar luvrs. I'm beginning to rethink my date with Norteno.
The 2nd Third to midway the pepper ramps up and a very slight raisin emerges. Not enough to make this more enjoyable, and the woodiness increases to a point I'm not enjoying the date anymore. The profile moves up a sharp notch to full and that feeling comes over me quite suddenly, I have to make this date end. I start looking at my phone looking for an excuse to leave, with love fading quickly, I just can't go on. The Black pepper is just too prominent for me and the earthiness doesn't provide the balance I was looking for when I first became intrigued with Norteno.
The Snub: Sometimes these things happen. You meet a tall dark hunny on the pages of a magazine and you think, "ahhh yes, he could be the one." After getting acquainted, settling in and getting ready to relax in each other's gaze, it all fell apart after the first 20 minutes. You see, I like a little more dimension in my cigar luvrs -- more than a three note cigar -- and while people tell me he was "all that" for them, I just couldn't continue with Norteno.
Of course, if Willy wants to smoke the Norteno with me, describe to me his love for the ummm cigar, well I'd be absolutely more than happy to go another round with this attractive cigar ... but I may need a little coaxing from the man himself ...
Wishing you long ashes ...
Robusto Cigar Babe

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