When All You Really Want is Flavor ... the EP Carrillo Oscuro Does It!

Everyone was talking about EP Carrillo and I needed to find out for myself what was all the fuss about the Oscuro.  Rugged, dark and commanding of attention, the EP Carrillo drew me in quickly with the look, but it was what it did to my palate that made me never want to let it go ...

I bought my stick at Cigar Aficion cigar lounge in Staten Island, New York City. Grabbed a dark roast from Tim Hortons and settled in amongst friends to review the stick.

The Look of the EP Carrillo is very dark chocolate in color with visible seams and veins. 

The Foot and Wrapper give off a Cocoa, Spice and Tobacco scent

Upon Lighting there is definite spiciness and a slight sweetness, along with a luscious tobacco taste. Cedar joins in a few puffs later. This cigar has tons of smoke! 

As I smoke into this First Third, the dominant flavors are Cedar, Pepper and Earth. 


Into the Second Third, the ash drops, the flavors stay consistent, and then a salty Hazelnut joins the profile, and this cigar really starts to develop!

Half way though the cigar, a licorice joins the profile, the spice picks up giving the cigar a spicy, salty nutty flavor, with an earthy undertone. 

The Last Third rounds out with a deep earthiness, spice and cedar. There are plenty of flavor additions along with balanced flavors to keep me happy throughout my smoking experience. 

The EP Carrillo Oscuro burned slowly with lots of smoke, great burn and draw and all the delicious flavors I love in a cigar. Definitely worth keeping a box on hand at all times. Go get yourself some of this yummy cigar

Wishing You Long Ashes ....

Robusto Cigar Babe


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