Creamy? Absolutely! The La Careme by The Crowned Heads Gives It All

Sometimes simple, plain and elegant cigar bands can appeal to the cigar smoker and in the case of the La Careme, it worked perfectly for me. In fact, the name is sexy. I was attracted to the look of this cigar long before anyone mentioned a word about it online.

The Look of the La Careme is very impressive. The dark brown wrapper has very few small veins and the box-pressed feel of the cigar, fits very nicely in my hand. It feels velvety and sleek. The simple band looks elegant sitting upon the dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. 

The Scent of the wrapper has cocoa, earth, and tobacco. 

This is one of my favorite parts of the cigar review experience. The Cold Draw yields a sweet chocolate and spice on my lips. 

The First Third starts off with a blast of Black pepper. The spice is very prominent and is joined by a strong earthiness. 

Ten minutes in and the pepper is fading with a dark coffee flavor joining with cedar wood balancing out the profile. A few more puffs in and a creamy cashew nuttiness has joined adding a little sweetness and cocoa to the profile

It could be the chilly breeze but the ash is flakey and the cigar is very smoky. Pepper and wood have moved into the background with the sweet chocolate and cream tantalizing my palate.  Several minutes go by and the consistent flavors in this First Third are Cocoa, vanilla, cream, wood and pepper. This is one very smooth and delicious cigar.

Into the Second Third, the cocoa and coffee are prominent for a while and then a smoky molasses sweetness comes into the profile with an earthy balance and spice. The coffee then moves to the finish and the creaminess is very welcome and delicious. 

The creaminess carries well into the Last Third with chocolate balancing the cigar out beautifully. Later into the middle of the Last Third, the earthiness, spice and wood pick up till they are prominent in the profile. The cigar finishes off with a lovely vanilla latte flavor that makes it very hard to put down. 

Absolutely luscious and delicious! I always keep this cigar in my regular rotation. The Robusto size has more spice and the larger vitolas have more cream and chocolate but all are fabulous. 

Wishing You All Long Ashes ...

Robusto Cigar Babe


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