Everything Changed After Key West

For many years whenever my guy friends were smoking a stogie, someone would always pass it to me. I could never understand why they smoked cigars — until my trip to Key West. That trip changed everything, including my view & taste for cigars.

I remember I was drinking a cup of coffee and someone passed me an Oliva V cigar to try. I took the usual puff and was all ready to say “yuck” when I couldn’t believe how much flavor I could taste. I took another sip of my coffee, then another puff, moved my tongue around in my smoky mouth and tasted a toasty, nutty, toffee nodes of flavor. I turned to my companion and asked if he had an another one to spare.

We took a ride back to the cigar shop on Duval Street. I went over to the owner, told him how cigars never did it for me, until trying the Oliva V with a cup of Java. After a long discussion about what I’ve tried in the past ( mostly Cubans) and then what I enjoyed about the Oliva V Series. He then gave me a great deal on an Oliva sampler pack.  A couple of cigars later, with Cigar Aficionado magazine in hand, I was hooked.

Now I spend my free time at cigar tastings, meet ups, parties, events and private soirees that gives me great opportunities to review and write about all the cigars, cocktails and like-minded people I meet along my journey. I've even hosted companion parties, where I pair my favorite cigars with preferred liquor and explain how they compliment the taste and notes of flavor for each.

The funniest thing for me is the reactions from my girlfriends. they look at me like I’m nuts when everyone is sitting around smoking their ciggies & I pull out a stick to enjoy With my wine, coffee or cocktail.

But, men — haha — they have no problem seeing a lady cut her own cigar, pull out a torch and light it. I end up meeting some great people who are happy to share information, good sales info & sticks to try because they are happy to see a chick enjoying herself with a premium cigar.

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