I Went Looking For A Macanudo Cigar

I went looking for Macanudo Vintage 1997 cigar and found instead the Macanudo Maduro, which was 5½-inches long and had a ring size of 42. It is a slender cigar, so it is a little easier for a woman to smoke -- we usually have smaller mouths.

I'm always surprised when a woman asks me to help them find a mild cigar. My first question is always, "why mild?"  The first cigar I ever tried was medium to full -- and it was even better when I found a Maduro version. Ladies, please don't be afraid of the dark wrapper -- this could be the one that lures you into smoking Maduros. This cigar had a slightly sweet on the lips flavor with notes of roasted nuts that sits in the middle of your mouth throughout.

This Macanudo lists as a mild to medium cigar, and for the first 2/3s of the stick, I completely agree. The construction was nice, it lit easily, didn't need relighting and burned consistently throughout the experience. The last part of the cigar turned very rough -- not so much a full bodied smoke -- but actually producing a bitter aftertaste. 

All in all the Macanudo Maduro could be a good morning or after lunch smoke for the Maduro cigar lover.  I would smoke it again, but it wasn't what I fully expected from the manufacturer. 

Before writing this review I smoked a second cigar with a freshly brewed pumpkin spice coffee. While most people know that coffee compliments cigars nicely, what I enjoyed about this spiced coffee is that the cigar drew out the nutmeg out of the coffee and the drink complimented the slightly sweet nutty characteristics of cigar. So you can see, the cigar could be a nice addition to your morning coffee -- especially on a lazy Sunday in Autumn.

*Note: a portion of this review was originally published on Cigar Tipsters. I recommend you check out their other cigar reviews too:

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