If First You Don't Succeed ... Smoke That Cigar Again

Some of you may have read on my twitter (@RobustoBabe) that i was " thoroughly disappointed in the  Habanos  that I brought to party last night. Burned uneven, hard to draw, fell apart half way". It's the non-Maduro on the right. 

When that happens -- and it does even with the BEST cigars sometimes -- don't let that experience stop you from buying that cigar again. When I first started smoking, I may have thought it was a "bad cigar brand" rather than a problem stick. Don't be afraid to tell the place you bought it, too, because they should let you have another.

This actually happened with the La Aurora Sapphire. I received a sampler pack as a gift and the Sapphire fell apart halfway through the smoke. A few weeks later I bought the cigar (cost about $20) and smoked it again. Better experience this time, but I still like the Ruby better. 

So, in saying this, I will do with this cigar what I do with all the sticks I review -- give it another try. I always smoke 2 cigars before reviewing. The first one is smoked with no enhancements -- no drinks. I want to experience the full flavors of the stick. The second cigar I smoke with two types of drinks that I suspect will enhance the flavor notes. So, lucky for me that I happen to have a second La Jugada Habanos cigar in my humidor. Review to post this week. 

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