My Weekend With Mi Amor

Drove out to Cigar Superstore, formerly Mom’s Cigars on Sunrise Hwy in Valley Stream to check on an order I placed for Casa Fernandez Maduro. It wasn’t in yet, so Raj the manager showed me the Java cigar, which was supposed to give a little taste of coffee or chocolate. I guess it’s supposed to be a gentle stick that doesn’t leave a tobacco aftertaste. But I couldn’t get past the sickly sweet taste on my lips and the weird fake sugar aftertaste. I had to retire the cigar & go make another purchase.

Dont get me wrong, I’ve had flavored cigars in the past — Mulberry Cigars in Little Italy probably do it best — I just couldn’t get into it. early on in my discovery of cigars I even learned from a little old man how to flavor my own cigars. It was a labor of love that yielded a delicious flavor to round out a moderately priced stogie. It is a fun little side hobby of mine.

But today, it’s all about La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Reserva. It’s hand crafted in Don Pepin Garcia’s Nicaraguan factory. It’s got a Cuban seed wrapper grown in Mexico. It’s considered Medium bodied, but I find it could easily be classified as full body– but with distinct nodes of dark cocoa and coffee beans. It’s got an initial spicy and smooth earthy notes, and it’s truly one of my new favorites. I bought mine for $12, but I’ve bought it for less online in the past.

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