When Brushing Doesn't Really Help

Ok, you may think this is a funny post for a cigar review site -- but I can tell you it's the thing that women tell me that they hate about smoking cigars ... the aftertaste.

So, you smoke a cigar ... it's got great notes of flavor ... you savor it to the end ... and it's over. But that cigar woodsy flavor stays in your mouth ... for a really long time. Sometimes I must admit, I enjoy keeping that smoky mouth flavor. It really compliments my coffee ... my salmon dinner ... BBQ chicken ... heck, even cheese.  But ... then ... it sort of stays around.

Yes... I've brushed my teeth ... my tongue ... brush again ... still that cigar is there. My guy friends tell me I'll get used to it.

Well when I first started smoking a cigar, I hid it from my mom. I know ... so childish. I'm an adult right? But she was REALLY freaked about it because I never smoked cigarettes, so why now a cigar?  Ha ha ... So, if I was smoking before seeing her, everyone on the street would see me with a can of Lysol, a tooth brush and a giant tube of smokers toothpaste. But still, she could smell it on my breath !

Now I found a new buddy ... ACT DRY MOUTH - RINSE is the only mouthwash that really instantly takes away that robust cigar aftertaste and no one ... yes even Mom ... can't tell that I just smoked a stogie.

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